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In the Beginning…

There was once the vast and dark void, both everything and nothing.

Until it came to pass, that the void came to realize that it was, and so the first day dawned. Feeling the change in its core, it drew into itself wisdom and thought, and found the source deep inside of itself. It slid fingers into its body, finding the cancerous tumor that brought about the deviation in the perfection of the void. With this division, Order and Chaos were born.

At first, Order sought to correct the error with the destruction of the weaker Chaos. However, the nature of Order itself had changed, and one could not exist without the other. And so they set down the nature of the Universe going forward.

The First Law
For all things, there must be a counter, as Order and Chaos must coexist. Light must exist with darkness. For mercy, there will be cruelty. For wealth, poverty.

The Second Law
The nature of existence is struggle. The weak shall struggle against the strong. Life shall struggle with death. All as Order will struggle against Chaos.

The Third Law
Mortals shall

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